I make space crafts: science- and data-driven artwork using data collected by robotic spacecrafts sent to explore objects throughout the solar system. My series of paper planets (below) are made using topography data and images of the Moon, Mars, Europa, Ceres, and soon other surfaces. The individual project pages (below) give a description of each piece, along with the data used to create them. The general process of how these works are made is described along with the first of the series, entitled The Book of Moon, in which I transformed my PhD thesis into a lunar landscape. I make art as a hobby, but I do sell work and do take commissions for custom topographies.

I got into SciArt in graduate school at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. I founded The Art of Planetary Science, an annual art exhibition celebrating the beauty and elegance of the solar system. The show was a huge success as a science public outreach project, and we ran many shows locally in Tucson, AZ as well satellite events at scientific conferences. I could write a book about the constructive role that science driven artwork can play in society (and I am!), but I will leave that for the blog. You can find photos from previous events at the website linked above.

Paper Planets

Other Space Crafts

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